Friday, November 2, 2007

Do the Roo!

French Fry bag circa 1985-ish


It sounds made up, but it's the name of an actual restaurant chain. It's a very, very small chain, but a chain nevertheless.

While on a family trip to Michigan's upper peninsula in the 80's we ate at the Beef-A-Roo in Marquette, Michigan. I even saved the above fry bag because I thought the name was so funny.

MySpace picture

I'm happy to report the Marquette Beef-A-Roo appears to be still in business, and even has an unauthorized MySpace page.

It's nice to see it has retained its retro style graphics. It's not only nice, but downright amazing if you check out what the official web site looks like. (Well it's kinda sorta the "official" web site. The web site is only for the Illinois Beef-A-Roo stores.)

Web Site

Look at that logo! Awful souless early 90's crap! It painfully lacks the charm of the original font and the fun cartoon cowboy graphic.

If anyone reading this can shed any light on the Beef-A-Roo story (like the relationship between the Marquette restaurant, and the ones in Illinois), or know of other locations please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

The Illinois Beef A Roos are different from the Michigan Beef A Roos. They aren't even owned by the same people.

Anonymous said...

There are 9 Roo's located throughout the Rockford area, all of which are owned by 3 individuals (at least that's how it was when I worked there in high school about 10 years ago). They have kept it local in order to maintain better control of the business. I just recently learned of the Michigan locations and it sounds like the menus are slightly different, and the Rockford locations do not offer breakfast. It sounds like the cheese fries are the main attraction at both though.

The interesting thing is that the Rockford locations used to have the exact same signage and cowboy mascot as the Michigan locations, so it seems that one copied the other (which is which I do not know). The Rockford locations just recently started some tv commercials though that feature a cowboy (some old guy though, not a friendly looking littl boy as on the sign). So there's a little bit of background for you.

Anonymous said...

I live in Negaunee, MI (just west of Marquette) and we also have a delicious Beef-a-roo. i am concidering dressing up as the cowboy for halloween! haha


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