Sunday, January 30, 2011

Best Commercial Ever

This 1960's commercial by the great Stan Freberg for Banquet Frozen Dinners in my opinion is the best commercial in the world...

I wish I knew the name of the actress who plays Cynthia the housewife. She is absolutely amazing. I can tell you that Stan Freberg is also one of the men doing the voice over on this spot (Stan usually does the V.O. work on his commercials).

FYI: For those who might be wondering, I've had my hands full lately, and probably won't be posting very much for a while. Hope to resume a weekly-ish schedule in a about a month or two.


Todd Franklin said...

Oh so good!

furrball said...

When in doubt, check the source material, folks! (In this case, the booklet in the "Tip Of The Freberg" set.) "Hitchcock Satire" (to use its actual name) featured Joyce Jameson (giving a Clio-worthy performance :D) and Dick Peabody, with Stan and William Woodson (Freberg Underground Show #1) as the narrators. And you're right. That is ONE hilarious commercial!

David W. said...

Thanks helping out furrball, but unfortunately you're slightly off. I too have the "Tip Of The Freberg" set, and this commercial is #13 "Movie Trailer Spoof." Sadly there are no credits listed, but Stan tells a humorous antidote about a phone call he had with a bewildered Banquet marketing director. Commercial #14 "Hitchcock Satire" is the spot for Jeno's Frozen Pizza. Thanks for identifying William Woodson on the V.O. though.

Lisa said...

Hi David!

I also posted this awesome ad on a site of mine, and asked if anybody knew who the actress was. Furrball answered me, and I, too, responded that this spot isn't the "Hitchcock Satire". Joyce Jameson I would have recognized! :-)

I thought -- and still sort of think -- that this might be the interesting actress Barbara Bostock, but can't find ANYTHING to verify this, unfortunately. She has the same mouth and was a dramatic as well as comic actress. Still searching for some info on this! It's simply the best spot ever! If I find anything out, I'll be sure to come back and let you know! I also thought the actor might be John Larch, but I think he was too well known or busy to too an ad, but there's a similarity. - lisa


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