Friday, June 1, 2012

Kings Island 1975

Kings Island celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.   I wish I had a Kings Island brochure from 1972 to share (the year it opened), but the oldest brochure I've got is from 1975...

I thought I'd point out that the International Restaurant mentioned above with its "splendid cuisine" is no longer operating and is basically closed to the public. The space is now used for employee training and other boring stuff.

This is a shame.  My first memory from our first visit to Kings Island is when my family took refuge from the rain by having lunch at the restaurant when we arrived at the park. Those large picture windows offed a great view.  Well I guess they have their reasons for closing the restaurant.  Maybe middle-aged business men aren't having swanky suit-and-tie dinners at amusement parks like they use too. 

Lastly here's some old timey home movies of Kings Island taken around 1975 that I found on ye olde YouTube...

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