Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Gore the Merrier

With the popularity of modern gory horror films like SAW and Hostel, I bring you my small contribution to cinematic gore.

I’ve worked as a member of the VFX team for an ambitious independent science fiction film named Inzer0. Inzer0 is not a gory film at all, but I added a bit of digital gore that’s gotten a very strong reaction at public screenings.

I was given a shot from a fight scene between the good guys and bad guys. In this shot a bad guy’s face is slammed into a wall. Here’s the shot as it was sent to me before I added the effect (there is no audio)….

I’m not going to go it to any detail about how I created the effect, but I used Photoshop and After Effects. Now without further delay, here’s my gruesome handiwork (still no audio, but please feel free to make your own sound effects as you watch)…

So there you have it. I'm expecting a call from Eli Roth any day now.

If you’d like know more about Inzer0 visit the website, or MySpace page.


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