Monday, October 29, 2007

Travel Brochures from the Darkside

I have a ridiculously large collection of travel brochures. I started collecting them as a kid on family vacations, and it's been a habit that has carried through to adulthood.

Here are two vintage brochures for haunted attractions near and on Mackinac Island.

First is the Haunted Fort. (To read brochure text, click photos to enlarge)

Now the Haunted Theatre...

It's interesting the that both of these attractions were advertised as a "entertainment experience" or even "educational" - not scary or terrifying.

Sadly the Haunted Fort is no longer with us, but the Haunted Theatre is still around! Check out their website, and their very, very reasonable prices. It you do check their website you'll find they're still using the pictures from their 20+ year old brochure. And weirder still, pictures from the Haunted Fort brochure are on the site too! So it looks like the figures from the Fort found a home in the Theatre.

Finally through the amazing power of YouTube I found a short little video of the Haunted Theatre. If this doesn't get you to book a trip to Mackinaw Island I don't know what will.

1 comment:

Jay Amabile said...

what a great find. I wish I was closer or else I'd go. The website really makes it look fun and scary.


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