Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Scent of Mystery Still Stinks

After intense public demand, and for the first time on the interweb, I proudly present the "Official Clue Card" for the classic 1960 film Scent of Mystery.

Actually there was no public demand, and this card is from the 1985 showing on MTV which you could purchase for a buck at 7-11 stores. It's sort of amazing that MTV ran a rather dull and obscure 25 year old (at the time) mystery movie - even with the scratch and sniff card gimmick. They'd never run such a film today, but maybe they could try a scratch and sniff version of Laguna Beach.

When the film was originally released there was a machine that pumped the scents into the theater, but from all reports it didn't work very well. I've read the machine held 50 scents, but the card only gives you 30. Looking back now I feel short changed on smells.

Side 1

I'm happy to report the scratch and sniff card still works. Talic being the strongest of the scents, which you don't even have to scratch to smell. The strawberry and rose scents are pleasant enough, but the popcorn is just bizarre and indescribable. I guess a fake popcorn smell was beyond the grasp of science.

Side 2

I debated if I should even post this. I doubt anyone cares about a 1985 MTV scratch and sniff card for a forgotten movie. But then I thought if I don't post this who will? And it's my duty as a blogger to fill the internet up with crap nobody cares about. That's what we bloggers do dammit!


Enohead said...

Thanks to Google, I found this post.
I actually still have a couple of those cards - still unopened even! - and I remember watching that movie when they showed it on MTV.
So, there you go. It took a year and a few months, but someone finally cared that you posted that!

Nancy Fagan said...

We hosted a viewing/sniffing party for this in 1985. Was trying to explain the concept to my kids today and found your post. Thanks for the visual aid.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful you posted this! I remember having my dad record it when it aired cause I had to go to church. I can still smell some of the scents.

Unknown said...

Hey!! I’ve been looking to purchase one of these cards from anywhere, anyone!! Would you be willing to sell me one?

Anonymous said...

You still have any of those cards available?


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