Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kapok Tree Inn Brochure

I thought for the month of November I'd try to focus on food related posts - you know, it's sorta a Thanksgiving thing.

I visited the Kapok Tree Inn restaurant in Clearwater, FL when I was about six years old. My parents were visiting friends in Clearwater, and this is were they took us to eat dinner. I don't remember the food, and to be honest, I probably didn't eat much anyway. I was a notoriously finicky eater as a kid.

But the Kapok Tree was more than a fancy restaurant, there was also a fancy garden to explore which had fancy fountains - and this is what I do remember.

Sadly the Kapok Tree Inn is no longer in business. Although the buildings and gardens still exist and are rented out for special events.

If you'd like to see more of the Kapok Tree and learn about its history, there is a very well done fan site called Ben's Tribute To Clearwater's Fabled Kapok Tree Restaurant which I highly recommend.


Jay Amabile said...

wow, that place DOES look fancy! They never had anything like that in New Jersey. I loved these cavernous, overly ornate restaurants that used to exist. Places like this had personality but nowadays they're all about maximizing profit. Since the trees and gardens aren't making money - it looks like Sports bars took over. In NJ that seems to be the only thing to do anywhere...sports bars. No longer are there "experiences."

Brother Bill said...

Wow! Talk about a flashback! I visited Kapok Tree Inn probably around the same age--six or so---on a trip visiting grandparents in St.Petersberg. I remember while touring the garden, my Dad set up his camera on a timer to snap a group photo, and a pair of oblivious tourists strolled into frame right when it snapped. The annoyed looks on each individual face when we finally saw the developed pic were priceless.

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Anonymous said...

You stood in line near the tree for a long time to get in. They had a limited menu, but one item was gigantic fried shrimp. mmm


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