Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Day Surprise

Here we go again with a moldy oldie from my past.

It's another Channel 12 holiday promo (you can check out my Christmas, and Easter promos if you'd like to see more)...

This was one of my favorite holiday promos, and I was rather proud on how it all turned out.

It has good production value for something made for under ten bucks. Thanks to my mom for making the wonderful Pilgrim costume with almost nothing to work with. Also thanks to my actor, Bob Hamlin, (wherever you are today) for being a great Pilgrim.

About the only thing I wish I had, and it bothered me at the time was a blunderbuss for the Pilgrim's rifle (or as I liked to call it the "Uncle Fester rifle").

Also it would have been nice to have a big fake anvil to use instead of the "ye ciment blok." Some people have pointed out to me that it's misspelled. Yes I know that, it's intentionally misspelled. This was supposed to be a time before Noah Webster, and standardized spelling.

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