Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I just finished a box of Handi-Wrap from 1974!

I usually don't talk about my personal life on this blog, but I just finished a box of Handi-Wrap from 1974.

In the picture above if you look closely at the small print on the lower left you can see I'm not kidding - "1974 The Dow Chemical Company Indianapolis Indiana."

How this box come into my possession is not remarkable, but it was given to me un-opened about seven years ago. I didn't realize it was that old until after I opened it and found that it had lost all its power to cling.

Anyways it looks like Handi-Wrap is no longer manufactured, and even if it was I doubt many boxes from 1974 are still around. So as a public service, I present a historical artifact for the enrichment of peoples of the Internet. Maybe someone studying package design from the 1970's, or a art director from That 70's Show (yeah, I know it's been canceled, but let's just go with it for now) who has to dress a grocery store set will find this post useful.




And just for good measure here's a Handi-Wrap commercial...


TokyoMagic! said...

I certainly hope you didn't throw that box away!

PhoebeK10 said...

Yep, Dave, Google search is EXACTLY how I found your blog! I just read an article about 10 brand names that had been discontinued and Handi-Wrap was one of them. I was like, what? No Handi-Wrap? I even checked the name on the old box of plastic wrap tucked away in a kitchen drawer, cuz I thought for sure it was Handi-Wrap! (Nope: Cling Wrap by Glad) I guess that's the power of brand imprints. I buy the stuff so rarely (I think I've had my current box of Cling Wrap for about 5 years) I don't really think about it and simply attached the childhood name I had for it: Handi-Wrap!

I agree with Tokyo--I hope you saved the box!

Anonymous said...

nice! I too have a very old hand wrap box. I was trying to figure out how old it is. My box doesnt have the date on it.

thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

My mom told me a few months back to help myself to some plastic & foil wrap boxes she was never going to use up. I found a box of HandiWrap with the copyright date of 1992 (22 years ago, only one year after she moved there). I love that you have one from 1974! I hope you saved the box...

wilkins said...

David, I too found your article while doing an internet search on Glad Wrap and Handi-Wrap. Similar to you, I have *two* rolls of "1974" Handi-wrap. I put the "1974" in quotes because my boxes - just like yours - have the ubiquitous UPC (aka barcode) on it; the problem is, the very first commercial use of a UPC was in July of 1974 at a test supermarket in Troy, Ohio. I'm just wondering if "1974" was a left over - an oversight - on boxes for several years thereafter (and even though manufactured in 1978, they would have both the "1974" and the UPC symbol), or if these boxes are even more significantly historical than originally thought, in that they could be among the first to have a commercially viable UPC printed on them. Hmmm... Mike

Anonymous said...

I, too, just finished a box of Handi-Wrap that has 1974 on it. It was 200 sq. ft. so it took me longer. The box is very shabby, and I have no idea how old it is. I was googling where to buy more when I came across this site. So I guess I have to switch brands after all this time. Joanne


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