Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mystery Fun House

Here's a 1990's brochure for Mystery Fun House in Orlando, FL. It was the attraction notable for a large fiberglass wizard on the front of the building. Mystery Fun House operated from 1976 through 2001, and was located virtually across the street from the Universal Orlando Resort.

It's interesting to note, that in a little over a month, Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando will be the home to a certain very popular boy wizard. So now that wizard who use to hang out at Mystery Fun House can... Umm... Yeah, I got nothing. I thought I was going somewhere with this setup, but I got nothing. Please enjoy the rest of this brochure for this defunct attraction.


George Van Orsdel said...

I loved this place! I used to visit every time I went to Universal Studios. It was so cheesy, but great fun! I miss it.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That place was great. But the maze you could crawl through was creepy!! My mom had a vicious case of claustrophobia and that didn't help!! Thanks for reminding me of a little piece of my childhood. Wish it was still around!!


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