Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prehistoric Forest

Since my last post was super boring I thought my next post should be extra exciting, and what's more exciting than dinosaurs.

This is a low budget brochure for Prehistoric Forest in Irish Hills, Michigan, and Prehistoric Forest was a dinosaur attraction filled with low budget fiberglass dinos.

Although it must be said that these were well done low budget fiberglass dinos, and at least when I visited everything was well maintained and freshly painted. Besides the dinos, there were other odd things to see at Prehistoric Forest like that "burning spring" thing pictured on the upper right above. I can remember asking my father how fire could be bubbling out of the water like that. Yeah kids can be so naive, but then again I was 23 when I asked this. Thank you folks, I'll be here all week!

Since the pictures in this brochure were all B&W I wanted to include some color photos my father took when this attraction was in its prime. Unfortunately I could only find one (I'll update this post if any other pix turn up).

This is the "Neanderthal Man" and if you noticed he looks like he had a makeover compared to the brochure picture.

You should have guessed by my use of past tense that Prehistoric Forest in Irish Hills is now defunct. According to a report online it closed in 1999. Thanks to YouTuber mortuarygirl1 you can see how Prehistoric Forest looked in 2009.

UPDATE: There's a few more color Prehistoric Forest photos right here...


Arthurs Plaid Pants said...

Great post. I grew up near this place and drove past it all of the time. Sad to see it's closed. Do you actually have that brochure? Would you be willing to sell it?

David W. said...

I do have the brochure APP, and you're welcome to email me an offer.

Anonymous said...

Can this place be visited? If so would love info.

Anonymous said...

i am currently taking digital Photography at the career center and one of our assignments is pictures of deserted places. i would love to visit here to accomplish this for my home work. how could i receive permission to visit??


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