Thursday, June 9, 2011

Penn's Cave Brochure

The brochure's front and back, or vice versa

The authors of the book Roadside America (they also have a swell website too) described Penn's Cave as one of this country's "lazy-man's cave tours" since you ride in a boat throughout the tour.

So if Penn's Cave is "America's only all water cavern" that you "See it by boat" who are those people seen in some of the brochure pictures standing by the cave formations? Are they part of an exclusive unadvertised VIP tour? Or maybe that chick and dude are professional cave formation models who you actually see on the tour.

Penn's Cave has a spooky legend too (see above). If I was the owner I'd add a few special effects enhancements to capitalize on this. It's called showmanship people.

I wasn't going to bother to post this map portion of the brochure, but then I thought what the heck. Here you go all you smartphone users, if you find yourself in the vicinity of Penn's Cave maybe you'll find this map helpful.

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Anonymous said...

The spooky legend beats the heck out of our local Bridal Cave's Princess Irona story. In that one she ran away with a brave from another tribe and hid in the cave. When they were found, they ran and jumped to their deaths off a cliff. The moral of the stories to BOTH of these caves? Love kills!


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