Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Toy Newspaper

Whoa, April is almost over and I haven't made a single post this month. Time still flies even when you're not really having fun.

Anyways, in my last post I posted a mock newspaper movie promotion, and now I'm back with another one I've managed to scrounge up.

Here's a mock newspaper promotion for the vaguely raciest 80's comedy The Toy (1982)...

... and as always here's a little something from YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

For some reason after seeing The Toy on Starz (or was it Encore) recently, I got to thinking about Movie Props and wondered if any of the "The Toy" newspaper copies printed and used in the movie survived. While I didn't find that, I was surprised to find your page of an advertisement "newspaper" for the movie. Velly Intellestink. Kudos for finding and sharing that.


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