Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flintstones Vitamin Poster of Bedrock

If you're a fan of that famous modern stone-age family, and have been searching for a cartoon 'fun map' of Bedrock search no further.  Get ready for an internet exclusive (presented this clearly at least) with this Flintstones Vitamin promotional poster from 1970...


Here's a close-up of the "History of Bedrock" text, and its sketchy information of a mysterious "tribe of twelve families" that founded Bedrock.

Another mystery is the little known first leader of Bedrock - Cornelius Granitebuilt.  How little known is Cornelius Granitebuilt you might wonder. According to Google this is the first time the name "Cornelius Granitebuilt" has been written on the Internet.  Well whoever he was, Cornelius was important enough to have a hospital named after him complete with a bust of his likeness placed outside.

Also Cornelius Granitebuilt is craved into Bedrock's Mount Rockmore, and that seems fitting for the first leader of Bedrock.  Sometime later Fred, Barney and Dino were bestowed this honor.  Not bad for a guy who works at a quarry, and another guy who works... well, wherever Barney works, and a pet dinosaur.

It wouldn't be Bedrock without lots of stone-age versions of modern day landmarks with one of the words replaced with a similar sounding rock or mineral.  Although it doesn't have the prestige of something like the "Empire Slate Building" I'm kinda fascinated with the County Quartz House.

Probably my favorite thing in this poster are the Bedrock Playground's very literal, and therefore wildly impractical monkey-bars.

In case you forgot who's responsible for this poster here's the Flintstones Factory the very place that makes those delicious chewable Flintstones Vitamins.

I found an early Flintstones Vitamins commercial featuring the Flintstones Factory. This commercial answers the important question, "Are there child labor laws in Bedrock?" Also check out that very off-model Dino...

J.R. Wainwright is the name of the artist who signed this poster.  I think J.R. did a great job, and it wouldn't surprise me if he worked for Hanna-Barbera - but I can't find any info to support that. If you happen to know anything about J.R. Wainwright please leave a comment.

And just to be complete, for those who like to read the fine print, here's the fine print...


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