Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rubber Flintstones

Since I posted the Flintstones Vitamin poster earlier this month I thought I'd finish the month with some more of the 'Stones.'

Above are three rubber Flintstones figures I got as a kid around 1977 (I'd guess).  I remember they were purchased at Sears.  They were sold individually out of a container (like a plastic fish bowl if I remember correctly) sitting by a cash register near their cafeteria.  The Flintstones weren't the only characters available either.  Mixed in the same container were a bunch of Warner Bros. characters too.  For a while there whenever I was shopping at Sears with my Mother I'd ask if I could get a new figure.

The characters are made of a strange rubber.  They almost seem to be made of a pencil eraser-like material, but they do not work as an eraser.  If you're wondering about the scale, Dino is approximately 2 ¾ inches tall.

That's about all I know about these things.  An image search on Flintstones toys didn't really turn up any more of these figures. If anyone reading this knows who manufactured these things please leave a comment.

I know I had Fred too, but he's currently MIA.  So for now Wilma and Barney will have to make do alone (I always thought Wilma and Barney should get together anyways. They both have the same eyes). Along with Dino, and that strange stone-age cat sitting by Wilma's feet. 

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TokyoMagic! said...

I remember these! I know I had Wilma and Dino, but not sure about any others. I think mine came out of a "gumball" type of machine.


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