Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dudley's Shake-An-Egg Vs. PAAS

Yup. Been there, done that. Except for that inflatable egg thing.

I was thinking there might be some packaging remnants of Dudley's Shake-An-Egg tucked away somewhere, but instead of going to the hassle scrounging around for it hither and thither I've discovered that Flickr is my friend...

1977 Dudley's Shake an Egg

... a big thanks to fellow blogger Dan Goodsell for posting that photo.

Dudley is still around, but the character has had a redesign to make him look generically cute and not like a cross-eyed moron.

Although I don't think Dudley has made a dent in the PAAS empire...

Hmm, this has reminded me of something. When I was growing up there were some jackhole neighbors with an inground pool.  I once fantasized about rolling a giant PAAS into their pool in the middle of the night.  The very next day the family would blissfully dive into their pool completely oblivious to the color of the water.  They surface in shocked horror to discover both themselves and their precious pool are permanently stained.

Happy Easter everyone!


phairhead said...

My mother still has some Paas egg decorative sticks in a junk drawer

chistery said...

I actually had a Dudley stuffed animal. He was an egg-shaped rabbit. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Dudley has undergone yet another change. Today he's totally generic, looking like a slightly plumper version of the Trix rabbit. Gone are the overalls and hat. He's just a white bunny now. Pretty sad.


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