Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Homosassa Springs

Here's a late 70's 'brochure card' for Homosassa Springs in Homosassa, FL - back when Homosassa Springs was a privately owned attraction...

Here's little bit of trivia I stumbled across, the photo of the alligator with the No Swimming sign was taken by photographer Bob Moreland who won a newspaper Photo of the Year Award for it.

Okay here's the flip-side...

Now that Homosassa Springs is part of the Florida State Parks  you can't hand feed the animals anymore, and the monkeys are completely gone now. Also making the gators leap out of the water to grab their food is a thing of the past. Although you can still "walk under water,"  but it's more accurately (or boringly) called a underwater observatory.

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Jeremy said...

I wonder if the concession stands back then sold vaccines for when the children got bit from interacting with wild animals?


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