Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More 3D Glasses

Here's the 3D glasses for Spy Kids 3D: Game Over. It was odd to use the red & blue 3D style of glasses for a 2003 movie, but I guess the RealD 3D system wasn't ready yet. The upside was they didn't charge you $2 for the glasses.

Speaking of charging for a pair of 3D glasses, here's a free pair generic cardboard polarized 3D glasses from the 1980's. I wonder if they would work as well as the newfangled plastic glasses they ask $2 for?

And finally, I found another pair of Hondo 3D glasses, but this time with awesome American Indian graphics.

1 comment:

Todd Franklin said...

I like that the generic pair of glasses has Grauman's Chinese Theatre printed on one side.


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