Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3D Finale

OK people it's time to wrap up this month long trip in the third dimension with a final 3D glasses blow out.

These very patriotic looking 3D glasses are probably my oldest pair, and they're from a local TV broadcast of Gorilla at Large in the early 80's...

And just because I love to post YouTube videos here is the trailer for Gorilla at Large.

Here are the 3D glasses for the Super Bowl XXIII halftime show "Be Bop Bamboozled" featuring Elvis Presto. I do remember being pretty excited to watch this show, and yes, I do remember being pretty disappointed after it was all over.

Next are the 3D glasses for Yo Yogi which is probably the last Saturday morning cartoon to run on NBC. The show featured a young and "hipper" version of Yogi Bear, and 3D segments you could watch with glasses you got from specially marked packages of Kellogg's Rice Krispies.

This is the very important card that was packaged with the Yo Yogi glasses:

Damn grown-ups have to take the fun out of everything.

I noticed I have a lot of ChromaDepth glasses.

Here are a pair for the VH1 show I Love the 80's 3D...

And here are a pair for the N64 game system...

Heck, they could even be found in some magazines...

But you must heed the warning (damn grown-ups):

Now surely you must own a pair of ChromaDepth glasses too. So please enjoy this following music video in the magical experience that is ChromaDepth 3D.

Special thanks to Todd over at Neato Coolville for keeping me motivated all this month.


Todd Franklin said...

Glad to see the rest of your collection and thanks for posting all of 'em! The patriotic pair was also used in Chicago for the TV event of Revenge of the Creature back in 1982.

David W. said...

Now that you mention it, those glasses might be from Revenge of the Creature as well.

Here in the Metro Detroit area both Gorilla at Large and Revenge of the Creature were broadcast in 3D. For one of those movies they just distributed the plain white cardboard glasses, and for the other one it was the fancier red, white and blue.


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