Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stars Hall of Fame: Brochure #2

Hey folks, we're back at the Stars Hall of Fame in Orlando, FL with with another retro-brochure. "Where Dreams Come True" is the big theme of this brochure along with photographs depicting "wacky" tourists reacting (or lusting) over the attraction's wax figures.

YUL!!! Mr. Brynner is featured so prominently it makes me wonder if this was because of some sort of marketing research. "Gentleman, our exhaustive cross-generational surveys tell us that people are 73.6% more likely to visit your wax museum if the brochure prominently features Yul Brynner dressed as his famous role from the King And I."

Super gigantic fold-out with the Fonz right in the center.

This time they don't list the admission prices, but do mention the parking is free.

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Anonymous said...

I actually visited "The Stars Hall of Fame" in Florida some time back in the early 1970s. All I seem to remember is that they had a theater that you went to before going into the actual museum where you just stood behind handrails to watch some movie clips.(There were no seats). I also remember my father walking on in embarrassment as my mother and I had our picture taken sitting next to the wax dummy of Mister Spock on the repro Star Trek bridge. (I still have that picture somewhere). Good times... good times. Ah yes, the 1970s!


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