Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stars Hall of Fame: Brochure #3

Here's one last Stars Hall of Fame brochure...

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TWerkheiser said...

Hi David-
Stumbled across your blog yesterday while looking for Magic World stuff after reading "Land of the Smokies" by Tim Hollis. Just wanted to say that I LOVE this blog. I'm a fan of roadside attractions and old tourist lit, so this is perfect. Your Dutch Wonderland brochure made my day because, growing up in Lancaster County, my family went all the time. And that red monorail was hilarious-I believe the trains that looked like that were destroyed in a monorail station fire like 20 years ago. My mom took me up Route 30 to photograph the ruins. Go figure. Anyway, I will be viewing your Haunted Mansion concept art animations later today, as I'm still snowbound in Havre de Grace MD. Thanks for all your hard work,
Tara W.


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