Friday, October 1, 2010

The Scariest Film Clip in the World

Hey it's October, and time for a month long celebration of scary stuff until we reach the big day ol' day of Halloween.

In all honesty I don't know what the hell I'm going to post this month. I really have nothing planed so I assume we'll both be surprised together. Okay let's get going because the suspense is killing me.

I guess we'll kick off the month with what might very well be the scariest film clip in the world. I watched this film on TV at a young age, and this scene kept me awake at night for weeks...

Terrifying right? I lived in a very suburban neighborhood, with only a few small wooded areas here and there, but I was certain there was a very good possibility that Bigfoot could smash his hairy arm through my bedroom window one night. I was a kid who loved watching monster movies of all kinds, and never had a problem when it was Hollywood make-believe, but this damn thing was another story - it was supposedly real!

This film is one of Sun Classic's "great" documentaries The Mysterious Monsters (1976) and it's available on DVD. If I had children I'd buy this film, and show it around Halloween time for a good scare. I'm pretty sure today's modern internet kids with their iPads, Wii's and 8-Track tape players would still freak out at this stuff.



Todd Franklin said...

Oh man I remember seeing this and yeah it freaked me out too. It also didn't help that my town had a cheesy tourist attraction that you paid twenty-five cents to view Bigfoot. After you paid your money, you got to view a hairy wax figure surrounded by newspaper articles about Bigfoot sightings all over the wall.

David W. said...

Only 25 cents? Wow that seems like a bargain even back in the day. I'm kinda envious that you had such an attraction in your town.

Jay Amabile said...

wow that was awesome, I never heard of it so thanks for introducing me. It is pretty frightening, especially with the sounds and music!

Vlad said...

You had your "The Mysterious Monster." I had my "The Legend of Boggy Creek." We had dark woods behind our house and events in the film supposedly took place in the Ozarks. I spend many 1970s nights listening for sounds of Bigfoot outside of my window.


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