Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sir K. Daver's Mortuary Theater

Yes it's time for another Channel 12 holiday promo (you can check out my Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and Valentine's promos if you'd like to see more)...

I remember thinking this was an epic production way back when. I made the candelabras, the gravestones, Lover's Lane sign and a cobweb machine (which I explained how to make here). Today you can buy a fog machine at the corner drugstore for about $19.99, but back then they were a bit more rare. I borrowed mine from the local fire department. Did it all turn out perfect? No, but I was pretty satisfied with the results.

Dennis Moylan played the faux horror movie host Sir K. Daver. Looking back, I'm thinking I should have given Dennis some sort of ghoulish makeup to wear to make him look cadaverous.

Bob Hamlin, (who played the Pilgrim in my Thanksgiving promo) played the Zombie. Bob Zimmerman and Sue Duminsky play the high school lovers. Bob and Sue had never met before the shoot, and I forced them to kiss on camera. I still feel kinda dirty about it to this day.


Vlad said...

If Vlad had a heart, this would have filled it with great joy! Instead, Vlad is filled with nothing but rage! Rage and some sort of bloody goulash the cook threw together last night. And maybe a little absinthe. But Vlad digresses! If you have more work of this nature, you must bring it screaming and crawling into the light of day and force it on to the internet thingy! The teeming internet dwellers demand more!!!

Todd Franklin said...

Excellent! Sir K. Daver (great name) would fit right in there with all those classic horror hosts. Thanks for sharing this!

David W. said...

Thanks for the feedback.

I probably should have mentioned that "Sir K. Daver" was sorta my tip of the hat to a famous Detroit horror host Sir Graves Ghastly. Although I've been thinking Kay Davir would be a good name for a female horror host.


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