Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big Wally and Other 'Big' Things

Here's a magazine ad from 1973, this time it's an ad for Big Wally...

...and in keeping with my sexy Valentine's theme this month, the name "Big Wally" reminds me of Big Jim Slade from Kentucky Fried Movie (1977).  And the capitol of Nebraska is Lincoln! 

Hey, I found another "Big Jim" from the 70's, it's the Big Jim action figure by Mattel.  Here's a Big Jim commercial with a "joke" added by the uploader...

Hmm, Big Jim & Big Josh reminds me of the work of Tom of Finland.  Tom's work is certainly 'BIG' in a matter of speaking, but before you click the link I must warn you - if you don't know who Tom of Finland is you may not like where the interweb rabbit holes take you. I try to keep things pretty clean around here, and I've only linked to the "TOF" Wiki, but you'll very quickly find yourself in XXX territory if you search for more "Tom."

Let's take this post full circle, and finish with something more in the spirit of this blog.  So as sort of a palate cleanser here's the commercial for Big Wally who will clean more than just walls, and that's more cleaning than any of those other 'Mr. Bigs' I wrote about will do for you...

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