Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Going Out With A Bang

To end the month long celebration of Valentines here's a sizzling selection of tiny vintage B&W ads found in the back of popular magazines...

This above ad for a set of naughty strip tease hi-ball glasses seems like something I might have found in some smutty gentleman's magazine. Nope it's from Family Circle November 1976.  Yeah that surprised me too.

In the same issue of Family Circle was this ad for Frederick's of Hollywood.  That's not so surprising, but I'm kinda confused by the copy in this ad. Take a round trip to Hollywood? How is a catalog subscription a round trip?  Is that supposed to be an allusion to something? Well anyways, I get an excuse to post the the pic of the sexy 70's cartoon lingerie lady.

This is my favorite ad of those tiny B&W ads.  Various versions ran continually for years, but I like this one from 1973 the best.  The "BLOW YOURSELF UP"  really catches ones eye. It's probably too much of a stretch to think this service for enlarging (or blowing up) of a photograph has any connection to the popularity of Antonioni's Blow-up (1966).  I don't think the film was that popular.  I mean when I saw that film I thought it might have been fun to be a mod fashion photographer in 60's London - not a desire to blow-up my photographs.

Actually "blowing yourself up" makes me think of that classic SCTV skit...

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