Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Mystery Photo

I found this photo the other day.

It was in an envelope from WLW.

The envelope was addressed to my mother, and although there is no date on the photo or envelope I believe it was mailed in the early 1950's.

There is a woman on the left side of the photo holding a microphone that reads "50 Club."

I believe I have identified the woman. She is Ruth Lyons, and she hosted a show called "50 Club" (which later became the "50/50 Club") on WLW. The show was named for number of people in the studio audience each day.

Why my mother had this photo mailed to her is a mystery. My mother never lived in Cincinnati, and therefore I believe didn't listen to the "50 Club" (unless the show was broadcast in Detroit too). The best reason I can think of why my mother had this photo mailed is she might have personally known someone on the stage.

Whatever the reason, the photo has good deal of retro charm. People back in the day dressed so well, and seem to have so much more personality than folks today.

Like this guy who I call "Mr. Pinky" (hopefully you'll get the movie reference). I think he must be a broadcaster too.

Then there's this very smart looking woman. She's so glamorous, and must be a local celebrity of some kind.

These boys are amusing too. Each one is such a distinct character, and could have stared in their own 50's sitcom. From left to right you got the socially inept Brainiac, the precocious and popular Rich Kid, the Comedy Relief , and inquisitive and mischievous Junior.

Well if anyone reading this would like add their own 2 cents, or know the people in this photograph please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

The pinky guy, I'm pretty sure, is Willie Thall, the classy woman was Marion Spellman, a classically trained Soprano, who was married to Bill Nimmo. I worked on their show in the late 60's.

Anonymous said...!topic/alt.obituaries/S0fuLu0OxB4


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