Sunday, August 9, 2009


The summer is winding down, and since this is still vacation season I thought maybe I'd post some old travel brochures this month just in case anyone reading would like a last minute travel idea.

Well, this technically isn't a brochure for Confederama - it's a card, and technically "Confederama" doesn't even exist anymore. Sorry about that.

Confederama was located near Lookout Mountain home of the popular tourist attractions Rock City and Ruby Falls. The front of the brochure card urged travelers to "See Condederama first" and how knowing the history of the mountain would make your trip more enjoyable. As a young boy my family visited both Rock City and Ruby Falls, but skipped Confederama. I wonder how much more enjoyment we missed out on?

If you would like to see the wonders of the Confederama electric map you're in luck because it's still around. The Battles for Chattanooga Electric Map & Museum is now the name of the new home for Confederama electric map.

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