Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vist Dutch Wonderland

Hey Look, it's a monorail and a castle! This must be a Disney park brochure!

Nope, this is a Dutch Wonderland brochure from the late 1970's.

In the center of the Dutch Wonderland brochure are ads for other local attractions. I assume they pitched in for printing costs, or Dutch Wonderland is super generous.

A map of how to get to Dutch Wonderland, and a list of other "interesting" area attractions. Surprise, there seems to be a lot of Amish attractions in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Who would have thunk it.

The spectacular giant foldout of the wondrous wonders to be found at Dutch Wonderland. I know that photo of the cafeteria caught my eye.

And finally, the back of the Dutch Wonderland brochure.

Dutch Wonderland is still in operation, and was purchased by Hershey in 2001. This park bills its self as a "Kingdom for Kids" and features rides basically for small children. Although they do have a "haunted swing" which is rather rare, and something I'd like see myself. (Give yourself extra bonus points if you know what a "haunted swing" is)

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John from Collingswood said...

Dutch Wonderland is pretty amazing- very big on charm and atmosphere. Some funky pennsylvania dutch minature scenes that have narration if you push the button- Did not get on the Haunted Swing, it was closed. A sweetheart of a place.


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