Monday, August 31, 2009

Sweet Mystery of Life

Roadside "Mystery Spot -like" attractions are found all over the USA. These are extra strange places where the basic laws of gravity no longer apply. There is a famous Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, CA, but it's always like California to hog all the attention. I live in Michigan, and we happen to have three "Mystery Spots" - so take that Cali!

There's the Mystery Spot in St. Ignace, Mystery Hill in Irish Hills, and Mystery Ridge in East Tawas (Although I don't think Mystery Ridge is open any longer, but I'm sure it's still filled with mystery never the less).

Now here are their vintage brochures...

Mystery Spot front

Mystery Spot back

Mystery Hill front

Mystery Hill back

Mystery Ridge front

Mystery Ridge back

I searched YouTube for a video of one of these Michigan mystery attractions in action, but it was that darn Santa Cruz spot that kept coming up.

Well here's something fun with the word "Mystery" in its title to end this post with...

1 comment:

Todd Franklin said...

Mystery Spots are swell! Funny, I just picked up a few postcards the other day from a MS in Wilmington, NY!


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