Sunday, October 18, 2009

Unused Concept Art from the Haunted Mansion Animated: Haunted Mansion Kitchen

If you're a Haunted Mansion fan maybe you've always wondered where the kitchen is. I remember when I was a child thinking it might be cool to see a haunted kitchen scene. It wasn't until recently when I found the above art on the Internet that I learn there were actual ideas for a haunted kitchen scene.

The art is once again from the talented and very prolific Marc Davis, and the text at the bottom of his drawing reads:
Invisible ghost cooks meal. Footprints move around floor. Handle on teakettle raises up to position, teakettle pours into pot. Steam rises. Spoon stirs pot. Oven opens, lid on roaster raises. Steam comes from roaster. Voice of ghost happily hums and recites recipe.
Well enough of the setup here's the animation...

Additional comments...

One issue with a long show scene like this is it's very possible you could ride the attraction multiple times without seeing it all. Although that would sure encourage repeat rides...


Three Haunted Mansion fans discuss their favorite ride.

The part where the kettle floats up and pours into the pot is pretty cool.

Wait, the kettle floats? I've only seen the oven door open.

What are you guys talking about. The water pump is only thing I've ever seen going on in that scene.

I guess if this scene was actually in the Mansion most of us would have to wait for a YouTube video from some guy who got stuck in front of the kitchen scene and was able to record the entire sequence to eventually see all of it.

A very special thanks to my friend Bob Biestek who did the great job on the 3D kettle for me, and who even made the lid jump up and down.

Also I'd like to thank
GRD999 over on MiceChat for helping me identity the artist of the artwork.


Todd Franklin said...

I love seeing this concept artwork come to life! Again excellent work and thanks for sharing these with us!!

BoogaFrito said...

Amazing job!

HBG2 said...

Top drawer! Very amusing, and a nice tribute to Marc Davis.

The Hatbox Ghost said...

I don't do dishes.

Brother Bill said...

Would you mind sharing what animation software you're using?


David W. said...

Brother Bill-

The software I use is Adobe After Effects.

Bob Lizarraga said...



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