Monday, October 12, 2009

Monster Monday #2: The Evil Muppet Monster

Time again for another of my "then and now" monster drawings...

I made the drawing above sometime around the 8th grade. I remember I started drawing the redheaded guy with the intent of making some sort of goofy Alfred E. Neuman-like character. I didn't like what I drew, and left him half-finished. A short time later I drew the monster behind him to eat him up.

Looking back at this old drawing I like the subtle line of action on the monster has, and I also think he sorta looks like a Muppet.

It's funny, for my 2009 update I still don't like the redheaded guy. I think his design could be better, and his construction is a little wonky too. I'm glad there's another big monster behind him ready to eat him up.


Todd Franklin said...

Yeah, very muppet like. I really like the fur detail on the monster!

Jay Amabile said...

the idea is to NOT like the annoying redhead....right? lol. This is fantastic.


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