Monday, October 5, 2009

Monster Monday #1: The Deadly One-Eye Monster

I was a kid who loved monsters, and would draw them all the time. For this month-long Halloween celebration, I thought it would be fun to dig up some of my childhood monster drawings, and redraw them now as an adult.

The monster above I drew when I was about 9 years old. Surprisingly, I still have memories of drawing this. I remember I was attempting to create the ultimate deadly monster. It had electricity it could shoot from its head antennae and tail. The creature has two whip-like appendages with spike balls at the end that is can swing to hit its opponent with. Last but not least, one arm was a claw. I don't know why I gave the monster human-like feet (FYI: yeah those were how I'd draw human feet), I probably thought it was funny. Also I believe I was attempting to use about every color of marker I had too.

So now without further delay, people of the Internets, I present to you the new and updated "Deadly One-Eye Monster" for 2009...


Todd Franklin said...

Yikes! I hope I don't see him walking around on Halloween night. Fun to see the then and now artwork. Both are excellent!!

David W. said...

Thanks Todd.
There are still 3 more "Monster Mondays" to get through, so I hope your heart can stand the sheer terror that is yet to come.

Vlad said...

The horror! THE HORROR! (In other words, Vlad likes it!)


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