Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We're Living on Borrowed Time

I love priceless kook fodder like the above ad.

About 10 years ago I came across a stash of old UFO magazines, and I found this ad so amusing that I clipped it out and filed it away with a collection of my "weird" stuff.

I'm confident I remember seeing this same ad reprinted in the other old UFO magazines with only the date changed (e.g."Will you be alive in 1984"). Heck, it still might be reprinted in magazines today for all I know.

But if it's still being printed I hope they've updated the "Space Brothers" art. I don't know about you, but I prefer my extraterrestrials to have a little better fashion sense.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Jerky Turkey

Hey there Pilgrims it's the big turkey day!

Although Charlie Brown made an attempt to create another holiday classic (sorry Charlie, you'll always have Halloween and Christmas), the best Thanksgiving themed cartoon is still the Tex Avery MGM cartoon Jerky Turkey from 1945. If you've never seen it prepare to laugh at the some of the best cartoon humor ever, and scratch your head to the ever increasingly obscure WWII references.

To make this post a little more special I drew my very own "Jerky Turkey"and Pilgrim above. That way when the Jerky Turkey cartoon is inevitably pulled from YouTube, future visitors reading this post will still have something to look at.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Attention shoppers, Thanksgiving is only one week away!

Last year I made this mock ad just for fun. Please enjoy, but don't let me find it on Worth 1000 or something mister!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Old South Bar-B-Q Ranch Brochure

Howdy Partners! Take a gander at this ol' crazy brochure for the now defunct Old South Bar-B-Q Ranch restaurant...

Front & Back



Wednesday, November 7, 2007

There's Something About Mary Hair Gel

In 1998 at advance screenings for There's Something About Mary the audience were given little packets of hair gel. The packets were covered with risque double entendre jokes. If you liked the film you should get a kick out of the jokes. As always click the pics to enlarge.



Personally I don't know how well the hair gel works. I've kept mine safely sealed in its little foil packet. I'm sure it's a fine untainted product, but why take chances.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Real Fake Wacky Packages Poster

If you're reading this you probably own, have owned, or at least heard of Wacky Packages.

They've been extremely popular from the sixties up to this very day.

This popularity has spawned down right rip-offs, but I prefer to think of this poster from 1977 as an homage.

What's fun about this poster is that it's a photo of a real fridge stuffed with "real" wacky products.

It's very well done, but not quite as funny as actual Wacky Packages. I don't know where this poster came from exactly, but I believe it's from one of those monthly Scholastic book order things you got in elementary school. If you know anything more about its origins please leave a comment.

Anyways, click on the image below for an extra super huge almost poster-size picture.

Click photo to enlarge

Friday, November 2, 2007

Do the Roo!

French Fry bag circa 1985-ish


It sounds made up, but it's the name of an actual restaurant chain. It's a very, very small chain, but a chain nevertheless.

While on a family trip to Michigan's upper peninsula in the 80's we ate at the Beef-A-Roo in Marquette, Michigan. I even saved the above fry bag because I thought the name was so funny.

MySpace picture

I'm happy to report the Marquette Beef-A-Roo appears to be still in business, and even has an unauthorized MySpace page.

It's nice to see it has retained its retro style graphics. It's not only nice, but downright amazing if you check out what the official web site looks like. (Well it's kinda sorta the "official" web site. The web site is only for the Illinois Beef-A-Roo stores.)

Web Site

Look at that logo! Awful souless early 90's crap! It painfully lacks the charm of the original font and the fun cartoon cowboy graphic.

If anyone reading this can shed any light on the Beef-A-Roo story (like the relationship between the Marquette restaurant, and the ones in Illinois), or know of other locations please leave a comment.


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