Monday, August 31, 2009

Sweet Mystery of Life

Roadside "Mystery Spot -like" attractions are found all over the USA. These are extra strange places where the basic laws of gravity no longer apply. There is a famous Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, CA, but it's always like California to hog all the attention. I live in Michigan, and we happen to have three "Mystery Spots" - so take that Cali!

There's the Mystery Spot in St. Ignace, Mystery Hill in Irish Hills, and Mystery Ridge in East Tawas (Although I don't think Mystery Ridge is open any longer, but I'm sure it's still filled with mystery never the less).

Now here are their vintage brochures...

Mystery Spot front

Mystery Spot back

Mystery Hill front

Mystery Hill back

Mystery Ridge front

Mystery Ridge back

I searched YouTube for a video of one of these Michigan mystery attractions in action, but it was that darn Santa Cruz spot that kept coming up.

Well here's something fun with the word "Mystery" in its title to end this post with...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vist Dutch Wonderland

Hey Look, it's a monorail and a castle! This must be a Disney park brochure!

Nope, this is a Dutch Wonderland brochure from the late 1970's.

In the center of the Dutch Wonderland brochure are ads for other local attractions. I assume they pitched in for printing costs, or Dutch Wonderland is super generous.

A map of how to get to Dutch Wonderland, and a list of other "interesting" area attractions. Surprise, there seems to be a lot of Amish attractions in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Who would have thunk it.

The spectacular giant foldout of the wondrous wonders to be found at Dutch Wonderland. I know that photo of the cafeteria caught my eye.

And finally, the back of the Dutch Wonderland brochure.

Dutch Wonderland is still in operation, and was purchased by Hershey in 2001. This park bills its self as a "Kingdom for Kids" and features rides basically for small children. Although they do have a "haunted swing" which is rather rare, and something I'd like see myself. (Give yourself extra bonus points if you know what a "haunted swing" is)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Groucho Cocktail Napkins: Part 3

At long last we've reached the end with part three of More Groucho Cocktail Napkins...

That's all I got folks. Hope you enjoyed them.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Xanadu: Home of the Future

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:

NOT this house made of foam...

Here's a brochure card for the long gone Xanadu Home of the Future. I'm shocked to learn that this attraction (located very near Walt Disney World) supposedly at it's peak attracted 1000 visitors a day. Wow, that's very impressive for such a ugly looking house.

I love retro stuff just as much as any other retro loving retro nerd, but the late 1970's aesthetics and electronics combined with amateur architectural design added up to make one embarrassing eyesore. Although if you're the type who enjoys monuments to poor taste than you hit the mother load with Xanadu.

Here's a short documentary with Xanadu designer Roy Mason...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009


The summer is winding down, and since this is still vacation season I thought maybe I'd post some old travel brochures this month just in case anyone reading would like a last minute travel idea.

Well, this technically isn't a brochure for Confederama - it's a card, and technically "Confederama" doesn't even exist anymore. Sorry about that.

Confederama was located near Lookout Mountain home of the popular tourist attractions Rock City and Ruby Falls. The front of the brochure card urged travelers to "See Condederama first" and how knowing the history of the mountain would make your trip more enjoyable. As a young boy my family visited both Rock City and Ruby Falls, but skipped Confederama. I wonder how much more enjoyment we missed out on?

If you would like to see the wonders of the Confederama electric map you're in luck because it's still around. The Battles for Chattanooga Electric Map & Museum is now the name of the new home for Confederama electric map.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Groucho Cocktail Napkins: Part 1

So way back on June 16, 2008, a time when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth, I posted a sampling of "That's Me Groucho" cocktail napkins. These novelty napkins from 1954 feature a different cartoon on each napkin.

A dear, dear reader named Kelly on April 22, 2009 asked if I could post some more of these napkins, and I'm more than happy to share the remaining napkins I have.

I only have nine remaining napkins, and I thought I'd divide them up into three separate posts. So here we go with part one of More Groucho Cocktail Napkins...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Mystery Photo

I found this photo the other day.

It was in an envelope from WLW.

The envelope was addressed to my mother, and although there is no date on the photo or envelope I believe it was mailed in the early 1950's.

There is a woman on the left side of the photo holding a microphone that reads "50 Club."

I believe I have identified the woman. She is Ruth Lyons, and she hosted a show called "50 Club" (which later became the "50/50 Club") on WLW. The show was named for number of people in the studio audience each day.

Why my mother had this photo mailed to her is a mystery. My mother never lived in Cincinnati, and therefore I believe didn't listen to the "50 Club" (unless the show was broadcast in Detroit too). The best reason I can think of why my mother had this photo mailed is she might have personally known someone on the stage.

Whatever the reason, the photo has good deal of retro charm. People back in the day dressed so well, and seem to have so much more personality than folks today.

Like this guy who I call "Mr. Pinky" (hopefully you'll get the movie reference). I think he must be a broadcaster too.

Then there's this very smart looking woman. She's so glamorous, and must be a local celebrity of some kind.

These boys are amusing too. Each one is such a distinct character, and could have stared in their own 50's sitcom. From left to right you got the socially inept Brainiac, the precocious and popular Rich Kid, the Comedy Relief , and inquisitive and mischievous Junior.

Well if anyone reading this would like add their own 2 cents, or know the people in this photograph please leave a comment.


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