Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twinkling Eyes

Personal virtual acquaintance and quite possibly the politest blogger around, Kirk, over at Secret Fun Blog spent the month of April posting a different cheapo practical joke novelty thingy each day. Kirk is a novelty collector with an encyclopedic knowledge of such things - in fact he wrote a book about it. Well Kirk's posts inspired me to take a look at what novelties I may have stashed away.

I still have a handful novelties I collected over my misspent youth, but only one miraculously still had the box it came in. So please enjoy the retro graphic goodness of the Twinkling Eyes...






There's something extra strange about the pair of Twinkling Eyes I own. The lenticular eyes in my pair are in backwards. Check it out again...

And now compare it to the only other picture of Twinkling Eyes I can find on the Internet...

You see the eyes are backwards. I had noticed this years ago, but since I didn't have any other Twinkling Eyes to compare it too I thought the eyes were intentionally backwards for extra goofiness.

Like that super valuable stamp of the upside-down airplane, I wonder if my Twinkling Eyes glasses would sell for a bundle at auction.

If you owned this stamp you'd be rich.

Maybe I need to talk to Kirk about some sort of appraisal.


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