Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is Movie Up Down?

For my first post of New Year (finally) I'd like to tell you about a show I enjoy, but one you've probably never heard of.

Also I don't believe is on the air anymore either. Sorry about that.

Movie Up on the Reelz Channel was a fun weekly show that covered films debuting on cable and DVD for that week (and if you check out the clips below you'll find that some of these "films" are only films in the very loosest of terms) . Here's how the Reelz Channel site describes the show:

Don't want to leave your couch? We don't want you to either. Sit back and watch Movie Up. It's the only guide show that covers what's new and hot in home entertainment. From DVD's to video-on-demand to movie downloads – we'll show you the best of the big screen coming to a living room near you. Hosted by Tory Shulman.

Tory Shulman is one funny chick too. She's sorta like a female Joel McHale on The Soup.

Enjoy these fun Movie Up clips of some crazy obscure low-budget films while they last...


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