Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Easter Promo: The Littlest Easter Egg

Do they even make television Easter specials anymore?

When I was a child there was always some sort of Rankin/Bass animated network special to look forward to watching. Shows like Here Comes Peter Cottontail which attempted to explain just who the heck this mysterious Easter Bunny was...

It was in the spirit of those holiday specials that I created this late 80's promo for the local community access channel.

Yes it's another blast from my past! Just like my Channel 12 Christmas promo, I share with you now another one of my first video creations - the Channel 12 Easter promo...

People seemed to like this promo a lot more than I expected. Even back in the day I thought it was terribly, terribly crude. I don't know, but maybe people always enjoy an underdog story no matter how crudely it's told.


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