Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Orange Bird Ad 1973

The Orange Bird returned to Walt Disney World last week.  The news of this has a number of the Disney fan blogs buzzing.  It's nice this little bit of WDW history has returned, but personally it's not something I can get too excited about.  The Orange Bird was a Disney designed mascot for the Florida Citrus Growers, and was used in ads for Florida orange juice - like this magazine ad from 1973 that entices you to save 50¢ on your next juice purchase...

... but saving that 50¢ wasn't so straight forward.  First here's the 10¢ coupon to use in the store...  

... and then to collect the other 40¢ you needed to fill out the 40¢ cash refund form and send in various proofs of purchase.  Mail-in refunds aren't done much anymore, and especially not for 40¢.

Although to be fair this is 1973, and according to an Internet inflation calculator 40¢ in 1973 is worth $2.07 in 2012.  However collecting the refund is going to cost at least one first class stamp.  So using 2012 numbers again, a first class stamp is 45¢, and therefor your net refund is actually $1.62.  I don't know if  that's really worth the trouble.

Aggh, writing about that Orange Bird has me doing financial calculations. Who would have thunk it.

Let's forget about that Orange Bird because there's another Disney designed advertising mascot (who also happens to be a bird) who I'd truly like to see make a return - it's 7-Up's Fresh Up Freddie...

The ending of that commercial looks like it could have influenced the Pixar movie Up (2009).

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Homosassa Springs

Here's a late 70's 'brochure card' for Homosassa Springs in Homosassa, FL - back when Homosassa Springs was a privately owned attraction...

Here's little bit of trivia I stumbled across, the photo of the alligator with the No Swimming sign was taken by photographer Bob Moreland who won a newspaper Photo of the Year Award for it.

Okay here's the flip-side...

Now that Homosassa Springs is part of the Florida State Parks  you can't hand feed the animals anymore, and the monkeys are completely gone now. Also making the gators leap out of the water to grab their food is a thing of the past. Although you can still "walk under water,"  but it's more accurately (or boringly) called a underwater observatory.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dudley's Shake-An-Egg Vs. PAAS

Yup. Been there, done that. Except for that inflatable egg thing.

I was thinking there might be some packaging remnants of Dudley's Shake-An-Egg tucked away somewhere, but instead of going to the hassle scrounging around for it hither and thither I've discovered that Flickr is my friend...

1977 Dudley's Shake an Egg

... a big thanks to fellow blogger Dan Goodsell for posting that photo.

Dudley is still around, but the character has had a redesign to make him look generically cute and not like a cross-eyed moron.

Although I don't think Dudley has made a dent in the PAAS empire...

Hmm, this has reminded me of something. When I was growing up there were some jackhole neighbors with an inground pool.  I once fantasized about rolling a giant PAAS into their pool in the middle of the night.  The very next day the family would blissfully dive into their pool completely oblivious to the color of the water.  They surface in shocked horror to discover both themselves and their precious pool are permanently stained.

Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

This is for all the fools out there...

I don't usually talk about stuff like this, but look at that lottery ticket of mine up there.  I don't normally buy lottery tickets, but the feverish hype about the record breaking jackpot of the Mega Millions last Friday enticed me to take a chance.  So I put three bucks down on three easy picks.  If you'll notice not a single one of my numbers matched the winning numbers drawn on March 30:  2-4-23-38-46 and Mega Ball 23.   I didn't really expect to win, but I thought I'd probably match one number at least.

I've been strangely lucky with the number "69" in the past.  This is NOT a cheap attempt at crude humor, and if you check out my post from March 3, 2008 you'll see I'm telling the truth.  Unfortunately, there's no "69" in the Mega Millions game. 

Yeah, I won't be buying another lottery ticket anytime soon.  The odds of winning are so ridiculous it's foolish to throwaway money on this game.

Here's something else foolish to throw your money away on according to these Yelp reviews, and it's something a little more in keeping with the spirit of this blog - it's the World of Illusion in Gatlinburg, TN...

I didn't intend to post this retro brochure since it can be easily found elsewhere on the internet.  In fact some of my fellow blogger acquaintances have blogged, and blogged well about this place.  But then I noticed that my brochure is slightly different than ones I've seen online. The difference is that last bullet point, or more accurately star point on the purple page. It reads, "Create pure energy in a Star Sculpture exhibit." I have no idea what a "Star Sculpture exhibit" is or was, but I'm thinking maybe it was one of those novelty plasma globes.

Speaking of novelties, I pity the fool who hasn't seen the awesome Stunt Rock (1980) trailer.  The reason I mention this it features a bad-ass white bearded wizard that looks similar to the wizard on the front of the World of Illusion brochure...

This movie has been popping up on TCM recently (the last time was late "Mega Millions" night March 30, 2012).  You might wish to check it out the next time it plays.  I'll warn you it doesn't quite live up to its trailer, but then again it won't really cost you anything either.


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