Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kings Island Postcards

Last month was my Kings Island 40th anniversary palooza, and here's something that I never got around to posting until now - it's a Kings Island postcards book from the late 1970's...

Here's a great closeup of the Turnpike Ride above...

It looks to me like you needed to show your AARP card in order to drive.  Sorry Junior I know this looks like a kiddie ride, but you're gonna have to let Grandma drive.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mammoth Cave Wax Museum Brochure

Let's celebrate Independence Day by visiting Mammoth Cave Wax Museum in Cave City, KY. It's appropriate since you can see the cover of this early 80's brochure proclaims "AMERICA'S HERITAGE EXCITINGLY ALIVE."  Albeit it's "EXCITINGLY ALIVE" as much as wax can be...

This next page folds out to show you many of the American historical figures and early movie stars on display.  There's even Jesus too for good measure.

While you're at the Mammoth Cave Wax Museum be sure to check out the Huckleberry Hill Craft Village next door - they even have a 17 foot great white shark.  It's fake, but it's still big and scary.

If you were thinking about visiting you can stop looking at that map above. Mammoth Cave Wax Museum closed it's doors last year, and it's contents were auctioned off a few months ago.

For fun I looked up the auction house, and learned how much some of the figures went for:
Charlie Chaplin - $25,000.00 (highest price for a wax figure)
Jean Harlow - $16,000.00
Rudolph Valentino - no price listed

Jesus went for only $1,000.00.  That's very affordable to have your own personal Jesus. A little Depeche Mode humor for you (very little).


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