Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stay Up and Watch the Stars Come Out

Labor Day just isn't the same without the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon.  Although for a kid whose first day of school started the day after Labor Day it was the most miserable day of the year.  It's funny how even misery can have a certain nostalgia now...

Heck, I think I'm nostalgic for those old Hickory Farms mall stores too.

Anyway a slogan used on the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon was "Stay Up and Watch the Stars Come Out."  So before September slips away, and discussing Labor Day and old telethons becomes horribly belated, here's my take on "Stay Up and Watch the Stars Come Out" with this star-studded collection of 1970's magazine ads.

Look it's Buddy Ebsen for Soft Parkay Margarine.  I think this ad is subtly attempting to invoke the country charm of The Beverly Hillbillies in which Ebsen stared.  All that's missing is a dopey young guy siting at the table to stand-in for Jethro. 

Up next is Barbara Feldon for Rockwell International calculators.  This little checkbook & credit card holder \ calculator thingy went for $45 back in 1976.  Adjusted for inflation that's $182.20 in 2012 dollars - and I don't think it's real leather either.  Well I guess it seems like something Agent 99 might need.

Here's Connie Stevens for ACE Hardware surrounded by Ortho brand pesticides.  The internet tells me Connie was the first to sing ACE's "Helpful Hardware Man" jingle.  Only a few years after this ad was printed, Suzanne Somers would be singing the jingle on TV.

Richard Deacon for Thermatronic microwave ranges.  Under Richard's pic it reads, "Richard Deacon star of his own cook show, 'Deacon Does It In the Kitchen.'"  Richard Deacon is well-know for his classic sitcoms roles on Leave It To Beaver and The Dick Van Dyke Show, but I can't find anything on the internets about 'Deacon Does It In the Kitchen.' It's a show I'd love to see.  However, I did find a microwave cook book he authored.

Duke Ellington for Hammond Piper organ. Duke was about 74 years old when this ad was made.  The pose is kinda juvenile, but it's nice to know Duke was so spry in his latter years.

Elke Sommer for Kellogg's Special K.  Elke was everywhere in the 60's and 70's.  For example she stared in Mario Bava's Baron Blood (1972)  which I've embedded below in its entirety for your enjoyment...

Here's George Burns for Tabby cat food.  This ad is from 1976 when a 10¢ coupon was still a good deal.

Next is the sensational Joey Heatherton for Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress.  Even though she's dressed rather conservatively I thought Joey projects quite a bit of sexiness in this ad.  If you don't see it, check out this Serta Perfect Sleeper TV commercial and see if it changes your mind...


Sandy Duncan for Alive Support Pantyhose by Hanes. This ad is proof that having a glass eye in no way impairs your ability to high kick.  So can we please put that old wives' tale to rest?  It's 2012 fer crying out loud people.

Shirley Jones for Sunbeam.  This is the only ad in this post that uses a word balloon.  Although this unique word balloon has a curvy pink edge that you'd find on a thought balloon.  So is Shirley speaking to us, or sending us a telepathic message?

The renowned Peter Ustinov for Chenin Blanc from Ernest and Julio Gallo. Peter says, "It may be one of the finest wines you've ever tasted."   I believe him.  He's a very erudite man that surely knows his wines. Unfortunately it seems "E&J" no longer produces a Chenin Blanc.


Last, but certainly not least here's Charlotte Rae for Mr. Muscle overnight oven cleaner.  Well Charlotte is playing a character in this ad, so it's not an endorsement like the ads above. She's doing a great acting job in this ad, and especially in the TV commercial...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School

From 1953 it's Happy Journey Preparing Your Child for School  a handbook for parents whose child will soon enter kindergarten or first grade.

It's a 32 page booklet published by the Department of Elementary School Principals, National School Public Relations Association,
and National Congress of Parents and Teachers.  I'm not going to scan all 32 pages, but here's a few I think are good.

School is your child's job...

School is a place to try, to practice... to be a pirate

School is a place to practice good health habits...  My favorite is "use the bathroom regularly, independently in a sanitary manner." Important words to live by.

This booklet was originally 40¢ back in the day, but I've seen it available online for anywhere from $7 to $22.95.  My booklet is in excellent condition so if you're looking for a copy don't hesitate to make an offer.


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