Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Regifted Christmas

For the holiday season I've always tried to do something uniquely special to show my love for my fellow humans at this joyous time of year. Nothing store bought will do. Oh no, it has to be something merry and festive that was created personally by me.

In the past I created my own Christmas cards, and in recent years, Christmas animations. I fully intended to carry on the tradition this year, but for various reasons I just never got around to making something.

So not to disappoint, I dug up something from the distant past I made. It's a video created on antiquated 3/4 inch equipment - which is now a completely extinct format. In a dark time when everything was analog, and the idea of digital non-linear editing was the stuff of science fiction.

I bring you the Channel 12 Community Access Christmas promo...

This was probably the first creative thing I ever got paid to do, and I made a channel promo for every major holiday. I thought about enhancing it with some flashy new graphics, or something, but except for the use of the Dr. Frankenstein ID I left this in all its questionable VHS quality glory.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Claus Land 1978

Just when you thought it was safe, Santa Claus Land strikes back!

On the cover of this 1978 brochure the actual photo of Santa used in the 1976 version has been replaced with a cartoon representation of a gigantic Santa overlooking his kingdom. Also free parking is prominently featured.

If you've been wondering what has happened to Santa Claus Land, well you won't find it anymore.

But good news everybody, that's because Santa Claus Land became Holiday World in 1984. Holiday World is a very popular amusement park with various lands themed to a different holiday.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Story Book Fantasy at Deer Acres

My next brochure isn't technically Christmas related, but if you accept it in the vein of Babes in Toyland which is something of a Christmas classic, it sorta fits a Christmas theme.

Hey I'm trying here...

This Story Book Fantasy at Deer Acres brochure is from the late 1970's, but sure looks like it could be from the 1950's.

I'm always suspicious of brochures that don't have actual photography of the attractions. If they're only using illustrations, I think what are they trying to hide?

Actually Deer Acres Storybook Amusement Park (it's current official name) seems like a modest old fashioned park which by all accounts is clean and run well. The park recently celebrated it's 50th season. Although the current owners wish to sell, and if you read this article the 2008 season might have been its last.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Claus Land 1976

Just in time for the 2008 Holiday season here's part one of my Christmas themed brochure-a-palooza!

First up is that jolly old fat man himself, the one and only Santa Claus, and the Santa Claus Land amusement park located in the appropriately named Santa Claus, Indiana.

Check out the inside of the brochure in all its bicentennial-era glory...


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