Sunday, April 20, 2008

Guntown Mountain brochure

I know I visited Guntown Mountain in Cave City, Kentucky as a kid, but I don't remember much about it. It's hard to believe with all the action packed entertainment they crammed into this place that I don't remember something. All I know I was there, but the details of the western town, scenic train, petting zoo, onyx cave and even a haunted house are gone. (Actually I do remember looking at the haunted house, but we didn't go in.)

Anyways, the cover of this vintage brochure is certainly very memorable. Although I have doubts they still use this particular cover photo.


Brian B said...

I remember that brochure!
I also remember the fun house.
Here are some pictures I have of it.

David W. said...

Interesting pics Brian. Thanks for sharing.

It looks like the Haunted House was a Fun House when you visited. Those "wacky" eyes on the roof are not in the brochure pic.

I wonder which house brought in more tourists?

Anonymous said...

I went in that haunted house (which was more of a fun house) when I was little, and it scared the pee out of me. In the very first part of it, there was a floor panel that if you stepped on it, it illuminated this skeleton in the wall right beside you. I also remember a dark room full of these glow in the dark keyholes, and only one of them led to the next room. I'm convinced that room is the reason why I'm claustrophobic as an adult :D


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