Monday, June 9, 2008

Football Super Freaks

Here are four of the possible 42 "Football Super Freaks" stickers printed in 1974 by Donruss. I would have happily shown you more than four, but four is all I have, and that's four more then you'll find anywhere else on the internet.

That's surprising because I would have thought someone would have posted the entire collection by now. The art work on the stickers is good, and looks like it could be the work of Jack Davis (or someone doing a very good imitation). Unfortunately, the "funny" text on the back of the stickers is not very good.


Anonymous said...

I have 22 of these cards. I collected them as a kid. Are they worth anything?

David W. said...

That's a good question, but I have no idea what they're worth.

Mike McDowell said...

I have all 42.

Brian Michael Page said...

I know this goes back to a year-and-a-half-old post, but if you or someone ever runs into a "Melvin the Mouth" card, let me know. ("Melvin the Mouth" was the football version of baseball's "Marvin the Mouth", but with a football across his mouth instead of a bat.)

I hope you don't mind, I posted some of my favorite Baseball Super Freaks onto my own blog - - with credit and a link to the post in your blog.

Thanks much for great memories!

Unknown said...

Hi, I have 62 cards in total, some from the white deck and some from the green deck. If you would like to buy them let me know.



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