Friday, October 9, 2009

Unused Concept Art from the Haunted Mansion Animated: The Tiger Hunter

Hey all you fans of the Disney Parks Haunted Mansion, I've got something fun to show you I think.

As part of my Halloween celebration, I got the idea to animate some of the unused concept art to see how that scene might look if it was actually installed in the Haunted Mansion.

For Marc Davis' s concept art of the "Tiger Hunter" I animated it two different ways: First, I animated the art only, and made to move like it was an animatronic scene. Secondly, I animated a crude simulated ride through as if you were in your "doombuggies" complete with sound and lighting effects. Check it out...

Some additional thoughts and comments...

I wish I had the time to fully animate the classic "Story and Song" cover art for my opening titles. It would have looked cool, but that would also be a lot of work to prep that art for animation. Maybe next year.

Marc Davis was a genius at staging a scene. Everything reads so clearly. I hope I managed to come close to what he was envisioning. All the tiger heads on the wall are drawn differently, and so I animated them each in different ways.

Audio for my simulated ride through was challenging. If anyone out there reading this has a good sound effect for a laughing tiger I would love to hear it because I couldn't find anything suitable. Although losing the laughing effect was probably for the best since the sound for that scene was getting pretty full. I basically only used the growling, hiccuping and the hunter's ranting (which I turned way, way down). I dumped the bone crunching, panting, and laughing (which wasn't good anyway) because I found it all to be just too much noise.


The Hatbox Ghost said...

You did a bootiful job! Your animation is SPOOKtacular!!!

Thank you for creating and sharing this wonderful "could have been."


H. B.

nojarama said...

Three words: Fab-U-Lous!

Vlad said...


Chris Merritt said...

Wow - I'm just pretty speechless! That was GREAT - and I'm sure Marc would have approved.

Is there a way I can download this?

David W. said...

Thanks for all the nice comments folks.

Chris, I think you can download the animation with Download Helper or any one of those FLV file grabber apps.

giddy girlie said...

I am utterly amazed. Thank you for doing this - and sharing with us!!


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